KUCHING - Private Residence

In 2000, Miller and his wife purchased a simple home on a half-acre lot in the small city of Kuching, East Malaysia. Early plans were for a renovation and small addition. Complications with local building ordinances meant that approach was deemed not practical.

During this time, Miller and his wife took a trip to Sri Lanka, during which they visited a number of buildings designed by Geoffrey Bawa, as well as others that were the inspiration for, or were inspired by, Bawa. Upon returning to Kuching, and in consultation with a local Kuching architect, it was decided to tear down the existing structure and start fresh.

The house was designed to be all on one floor, as the half-acre site was big enough to allow that, and still retain substantial gardens around the house. The planning was to support 3 sets of residents - in-laws that would be permanent residents and caretakers; guests: and mIller and his wife. This generated an inverted “T-shape” plan, which created East and West outdoor spaces. One side would be an “active” area - with the 3-tiered pool, (with water flowing down towards the house), and pool courtyard, ringed by a walkway connecting 3 pavilions - Relaxing, Dining and Outdoor kitchen. The other side would be the West Lawn, with substantial Rain Tree and planting enriching the setback of the main portion of the house from the road.

The house retained a number of traditional features, including the tiled roof, and a 5-foot walkway all around the perimeter of the house. The combination gives good protection against sun and tropical rain, while allowing windows to be opened to encourage cross-ventilation. Miller detailed every aspect of the house from the Pool and its numerous steps and overflows, to the custom-fabricated doors and windows, to the 5 bathrooms, fully finished in stone, glass and local hardwood. Even the extensive landscaping was planned and specified by Miller.

Today the house continues to support the in-laws, while providing Miller and his wife a regular luxurious tropical garden retreat from Hong Kong city life.

Type Residential
Build New Construction
Owner Private Owner
Operator NA
Architect JHM
Interior Designer JHM
Project cost NA
Size 450 SqM
Opened 2011

dwell Asia Mar/Apr 2013 - “Garden Estate”

The Peak (HK) June 2014 - “Natural Luxury”

The Edge (KL) Apr/May 2013 - “Laid-back Luxury”

Complete Project - all phases: Site Analysis to Construction Completion

Complete Project - all phases: Site Analysis to Construction Completion

Programmed for use by extended family

Tropical modern approach - perimeter walkways, indoor/outdoor space.

Dramatic ceilings throughout with exposed timber trusses

Extensive landscaping - gardens, pools, courtyard, outdoor dining