THE ROLE - “Project Design Advisor”

WHITE WALLS is an independent advisor directly to you, the Owner. We are not a substitute for your designer. We are here to guide you through the entire design and construction process, and help minimise your risks. We work with your team to facilitate more inspired, efficient efforts to get you what you want - a great project!

  • PROJECT TEAM - Key elements of Owner, Operator and Designer
  • ISSUES - Gaps in communication, misalignment of expectations
  • SOLUTION -  Expertise to resolve these, help manage a team that delivers best balance of practicality and creativity
  • ADVICE - Delivered at key decision-making moments to help drive project progress
  • COMMUNICATION - Spoken, written or graphic formats. Understanding team members improves team communications
  • SUPPORT - Reinforce your decisions, and ensure your team executes accordingly
  • NETWORK - Leverage extensive industry network to ensure you are best informed
  • BALANCE - Appreciation of the Art and Science of hotels, finding the “sweet spot” to balance Time, Cost and Quality
  • UNDERSTANDING - Familiarity with key roles provides opportunity to leverage and inspire team to their greatest outcomes
  • DETAIL - Proven record of delivering projects of highest physical standards; brings a demand for detail to drive the team
  • PASSION - Experience and expertise are combined with a deep passion to create the magic of true luxury properties